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SPYSCAPE is the #1 rated experience in New York City on Google & Trip Advisor. Why? Because apart from being creative, fun and fascinating, it's really all about you! You'll discover inspirational characters and stories, you'll explore extraordinary gadgets and immersive interactive experiences, and you'll get a detailed and authentic profile of your own skills, abilities and potential, developed by a former Head of Training at British Intelligence.



True Spies went straight to #1 on the Apple charts at launch, and we have exciting new shows coming soon. Our hosts Hayley Atwell, Vanessa Kirby, Jodhi May and Rory Bremner get experts from espionage & hacking, art & design, music and movies to reveal the secrets behind their favourite missions, gadgets, characters, soundtracks and more.



SPYFLIX is the new film & tv festival dedicated to our favorite narratives: secrets. Secrets are the ideal storytelling device as each contains a who, what, how & why. Perhaps that's why secrets power all the biggest entertainment franchises, from James Bond and Batman to Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Star Wars and dozens more.



We believe there's a potential superhero inside each of us. We all have secret skills - from empathy and perception to analytical and strategic skills. Explore yours online now with authentic assessments developed by a former Head of Training at British Intelligence.


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Our New York City HQ offers gorgeous events spaces designed by one of the world's top architects, Sir David Adjaye. Options range from affordable 'signature' packages for team outings and birthday parties to custom high-tech productions for up to 600 guests.

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Our all-new exhibition offers a unique perspective on the secrets of James Bond through immersive installations, gadgets, drawings, animations, videos and behind the scenes interviews.

Note: Part of this exhibition is currently available for FREE online.

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Our experts from across the world of secrets have helped us create one of the worlds coolest shops. We have gifts and gadgets to satisfy even the pickiest of special agents and superheroes.



From SIX SECRETS, our weekly briefing across the world of secrets, to CAR SECRETS, our monthly automotive stories - subscribe to be endlessly entertained and intrigued.

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