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Discover your potential to do extraordinary things. SPYSCAPE combines world-class spy gadgets and stories, fun immersive experiences of authentic spy challenges, and a deep dive into your own unique mix of attributes, psychology and spy skills. "The best value in New York City" TODAY


Your immersive Briefing takes you into the world of spying—where hackers, corporations, and governments seek secret intelligence.


Meet the Cryptologists who shortened WWII by hacking the Enigma machine. Encounter an original Enigma and tap out messages on a perfect replica.

Then test your code-making and code-breaking skills in our Encryption Challenge.


Could you live a lie? The most damaging spy in FBI history sold secrets to the Russians for 22 years. Find out how a young Spycatcher brought him down.

Then learn how to spot a liar, and to lie convincingly, in our Deception Challenge.


Surveillance isn’t just about enemies of the state. Do our governments and corporations strike the right balance between security, service and freedom? Find out what personal surveillance looks and feels like.

Then test your observation and perception skills in our 360° degree ambisonic Surveillance Challenge.


Meet the teenager who hacked the CIA, the cyber weapon that sabotaged Iran’s nuclear program, and the hacking groups trying to change our political landscapes.

Then learn how to protect yourself online and meet our in-house hackers at the Hacking Bar.

Special Ops

Meet one of the greatest Special Ops Officers of all time. Virginia Hall spent years undercover in Nazi-occupied France, conducting espionage and sabotaging Hitler’s war machine.

Meet the original “Q” who inspired the James Bond character. Encounter amazing gadgets used by WWII spies.

Then test your strategy and agility in our laser tunnel Special Ops Challenge.


Meet “the spy who saved the world”. The secrets that Oleg Penkovsky passed to the CIA in 1961–2 let President Kennedy know he had time to negotiate a diplomatic solution to the Cuban missile crisis, and thus avert World War III. Analysts made sense of Penkovsky’s material so that a potentially world-saving decision could be made.


Discover your inner spy. Our profiling system (developed by a former head of training at British Intelligence) will assign you one of 10 spy roles—from Analyst to Spymaster. Find out more about our spy roles and profiling system here and buy tickets to SPYSCAPE here.

AGENT Handler
Special Ops Officer
Surveillance Officer
Intelligence Analyst
Technical Ops Officer
Intelligence Operative