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Explore the rare and the incredible, from an original Enigma machine to real life gadgets even James Bond would want.

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Meet the Cryptologists who shortened WWII by hacking the Enigma machine. Encounter an original Enigma and tap out messages on a perfect replica.


Meet the FBI Double Agent who sold secrets to the Russians for 22 years, and the young Spycatcher who brought him down.


Meet the journalists who used spy skills to free 2,000 men trapped in a slave fishing operation. Find out what personal surveillance looks and feels like.


Meet the teenager who hacked the CIA, the cyber weapon that sabotaged Iran’s nuclear program, and the hacking groups trying to change our political landscapes.


Understand the darker side of the web: phishing, DDoS attacks and backdoor vulnerabilities all play a role in today's cyber security world.

Special Ops

Discover the original “Q”, who inspired the James Bond character, and see some of his ingenious and rare spy gadgets.


Meet “the spy who saved the world” and gave President Kennedy time to negotiate a diplomatic solution to the Cuban Missile Crisis, and avert World War III.

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See how your skills, agility and mental fortitude stack up in a series of immersive spy tests designed to test you to your limits!

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Our latest exhibition offers new perspectives on the magic of 007, through immersive installations, gadgets and behind the scenes interviews. Also available for FREE online.

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