A deep dive into your unique mix of psychology and skills

What's my profile?

We all have 'spy skills' - from agility, empathy and risk tolerance to leadership, observation and perception. These are the skills that help ordinary people do extraordinary things - that's how intelligence agencies train new recruits.

Your individual profile is an authentic assessment of your skills. Based on scientific research* and methods, it explains your ideal spy role and introduces you to real and fictional spies with a profile like yours - explaining their roles and what's involved in a typical operation

Why does it matter?

Because your profile is your starting point for a lifelong mission to develop and use your skills in your work life, social life, love life and community. Created with the expertise of top psychologists and a former Head of Training at British Intelligence - this is a unique opportunity to learn more about the world and your own potential.

Is it fun?

Yes! Thats the best part. Discovering your profile is really fun! You and your family, friends and colleagues will enjoy epic spy stories, amazing gadgets, authentic challenges and amazing experiences at SPYSCAPE - it's a unique mix of stories & social experiences with self-discovery & self-development.

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*Find out more about our research and profile methodology here.


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